A Month Too late For Our Anniversary…


The Name's Matsumoto

But just on time for my birthday! Woot!
Heh, I feel like I’m getting old, even though I’m not. I guess once you pass 21, you don’t really have much to strive for age-wise.
You’re legal to drink, club and do whatever. I hear in the U.S you need to be older to buy a place/rent a car or something of the sort, but that’s the least of my worries right now, to be honest.

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December Releases~

Hello everyone!


I like December. New year’s, birthdays (not mine, mind you), various festive foods, there’s even a book I really like called “December Dreams”.
Starting a new year though, isn’t always that merry for me…
Despite it being a rather arbitrary measurement of time and years, entering a new one usually makes me reflect on the things
I haven’t done in the year prior and that I’m probably not going to do in the next one. So, yeah. January can stuff it. xD…
Oh well. Enough of my useless rambling~
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It seems that my scattered brain forgot to save one of the pages in chapter 14 of Gunjo.
Here it is, page 178.
I also updated the rar file in the project’s page.

My sincere apologies to those who wanted to see more of that tormented agony.


I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I wasn’t really able to work on anything…
But worry not, more stuff will come! Namely, a shoujo-ai mermaid oneshot that’s undergoing QC. *wink wink*

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Gunjo 13

Gunjo_V2_140-141 Hello!

No ramble, just a chapter of Gunjo today, joint with Megchan Scanlations.

Hmm, the hosting I’m using for this site has just made it more difficult to login.
Now we’ll have even less visitors!
Hmm, I might want to disable the registration feature, then… Hmm, hmm.
If anyone’s reading this, please let me know what you think.




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