Gunjo 13

Gunjo_V2_140-141 Hello!

No ramble, just a chapter of Gunjo today, joint with Megchan Scanlations.

Hmm, the hosting I’m using for this site has just made it more difficult to login.
Now we’ll have even less visitors!
Hmm, I might want to disable the registration feature, then… Hmm, hmm.
If anyone’s reading this, please let me know what you think.




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Decisions, decisions…


All sorts of decisions. Is it worth it? Should I really get this? Do I want to put so much effort into it?
My tongue in her mouth or on her boobs?
Some are easier to make, others have more dire consequences.
Regardless, I always hope I’m doing the right thing, and even if it ends up biting me in the ass – I know it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own.
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Give me something sweet~


Our recent releases have all been quite dramatic lately, so here’s a change of pace of Sweet Room, a oneshot from Aoki Mitsue’s Princess Princess collection, joint with lililicious.
An update on Kisshou Tennyo: I’m pleased to announce that the final volume has been edited and is being QCed, along with some extras.
Hopefully, it’ll be ready to release before too long!


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