Little Forest v1

Another release, you ask?
Why, yes! Today’s treat is the complete first volume of Little Forest!
This time around, our join with illuminati-manga went a bit smoother, since Kotonoha didn’t want it.
Yes, you guys get scraps. Happy? ‘Cause I am. ;p

And this is pretty much it, I guess…
We could really use the help of someone who knows their wordpress to help me with this site because I can’t, for the life of me resolve the projects section thing.
Also, we need a translator. We need you yesterday, buddy! Please, grace us with your presence and I will throw rose (or any other kind of flower) at your feet.
I’m so lonely… =(


Oh well, have a good one!


Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi v1 end.



Our sole release for today is Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi, joint with Onadoru Euphoria.

I’d have liked to redirect you to the projects page, but the damn thumbnails are depressing me, so here’s a direct link. Here’s a link to the forums.
If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please tell me… The plugin’s called wp-manga and is quite neat, but unfortunately it’s not working for me and the only way to reach tech-support is via iRC which I can’t use.

Anyways… Some status update:

For all Little Forest fans, volume 1 should be out soon, as a joint with Illuminati-manga. Yay for HQ raws and willing translators~
Another project I’m planning on working together with Onaduro Euphoria is Patalliro!, picking up from around volume 13.

Again, as always, I beg for J-E translators. Just one to help me give closure to some ongoing projects of ours and hopefully some new ones by authors such as Yoshida Akimi,  Ooshima Yumiko and Nakamira Asumiko. Please apply!

Thanks, and have a good day.