Procrastination – Away With You!


Hello everyone!

This is not a release post (I’m tapped out at the moment). I can’t believe it, but we’re actually going to release another (albeit tiny) oneshot with lililicious!
This time it’s a oneshot called Hiiragi’s English-Japanese Dictionary, a 6 page gag about what we consider normal and abnormal. It’s very enjoyable and to the point, so I suggest reading it.
I’m dumbstruck, tbh. I went from 0 to 100 just like that, basically. Hehe.
So anyways, I decided to incorporate this release (which came just 2 days after I made this post) because I want to attract some attention to the fact that we now have an online reader.

The original post:
Since this has been a very productive month releases-wise, I decided to go ahead and finally update our online reader.
It has taken me the entire day, but no more is the reader a desolate, empty shell with a few random chapters, but a complete library of our releases!
While I was at it, I reread Nekomichi – the perfect pick-me-up. Unfortunately, I spotted a bunch of atrocious grammatical errors and fluency issues, so I think I’ll have to fix those sometime in the future.

Hopefully nothing will happen to the reader, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it all again…

On the to do list for the site:

  • Fix Nekomichi
  • Update cover images
  • Add online reader links next to the dl links in the series’ pages.
  • Bonus: Find a translator. *Heh, if only.


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The Return of The Not So Peaceful Buddhists



Hello everyone!
This was unexpected to me as well, but I somehow managed to typeset this entire part in one day. Go figure. I’m usually pretty lazy.

You know, I always thought Buddhism was all about peace. I considered to be the only religion that promoted any type of peace, instead of hate.
I don’t know any Buddhists personally, but from the little exposure I’ve had to it, Buddhism appeared to be quite passive and a truly peaceful teaching.
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The Return of Yorukumo


Hello everyone!
Yes, I’m surprised as well.
Important edit: 2 pages were missing from the original release and can be found here separately,
or on the manga’s page, as always. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I never thought this day would come, because unfortunately, Yorukumo didn’t seem to have been garnering enough attention, but thanks to Megchan (who translated the first 15 pages) and Village Idiot Scans, who took care of the rest, we are able to bring you the 2nd chapter of this very dark and mysterious manga.

It’s been a long while since the last release, so I suggest reading the first chapter before diving into this one.
The gist of the story is this – a dystopian world where the rich have everything while the poor have to live day by day, starving for the bare necessities.
There’s also the forest, a place where the dejects of society go. It’s a forbidding, dangerous place, but as we find out in the 2nd chapter, most likely dehumanized by misconception. But, its bleak reputation is not undeserving. Macabre practices take place there – from butchering bodies for less than kosher purposes to ruthless assassins raised from childhood to kill mercilessly.
We follow the story of Kiyoko, who runs a restaurant with her widowed mother and Yorukumo (lit. dark spider), one of the assassins mentioned above. Remember, things are never as they seem.
And when you open your mind and see (after more exposition from the 2nd chapter than I’ve provided here), the image above will take a whole new meaning.

Notice the amount of  synonyms to “dark”.

And with that,
Let’s eat!



A Month Too late For Our Anniversary…


The Name's Matsumoto

But just on time for my birthday! Woot!
Heh, I feel like I’m getting old, even though I’m not. I guess once you pass 21, you don’t really have much to strive for age-wise.
You’re legal to drink, club and do whatever. I hear in the U.S you need to be older to buy a place/rent a car or something of the sort, but that’s the least of my worries right now, to be honest.

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