Aqua Planet Chronicle – new joint

Hello everyone!

What's this? A new series?

What’s this? A new series?

Today we proudly present a new joint with Futari wa Pretty Anon, called Aqua Planet Chronicle. We’ll be starting from chapter 3 and onward.
The previous chapters are available to download from the series’ page.

I’ve actually had my heart set on doing this series for years now, but was never able to find a translator for it. My failure to find translators hits me in the gut time after time.
One of my absolute favorite series is Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (yes, I CAN indeed spell this out from memory, such is my love for it). and Aqua Planet Chronicle gave me a similar sort of feeling.
I’ve read the first 6 chapters in Russian a while back and it’s a really nice series, so I hope you enjoy!

Help in the form of translators is always welcome.
Please, translators, please…