Murdery stuff.

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Teenage angst is nothing when you're dead.

Teenage angst is nothing when you’re dead.

Today we have not one, but two releases for you, joint with Megchan’s Scanlations!

The first is a new series called You Will Hear The Voice of The Dead, by Uguisu Sachiko.
This a horror series about a boy who sees dead people, and is accompanied by his recently deceased childhood friend.
In the first chapter, we learn of the circumstances of the friend’s demise.
Every chapter is a new mystery for them to solve, pretty much. The art is nice and there’s gore aplenty.
Megchan asked if I’d like to edit it, and I said sure, not realizing initially that it’s still ongoing at 7 volumes. lol. I’m an idiot.
But it’s very easy to clean and typeset, so whenever I’m too lazy/busy to do anything else and there’s an available translation, you’ll probably get a chapter. :3
I have no regrets, don’t worry. The atmosphere is spooky enough, and I’m interested to read more, so I hope you guys will enjoy it too!

The 2nd release is chapter 19 of Gunjo. This time I was able to combine all of the double pages rather well, I think.
When I was going through my work, I kept wanting to yell “take a look at my double pages, biatch!” at someone.
Naturally, I did not.
Megane-san is still being terrible with Blonde. Is she trying to distance Blonde, so the separation won’t be as hard on her?
But I think being told all this by the person you love and killed for is far more devastating. It’s not like the feelings of love and attachment will just disappear.
Chapter 20 will be the last of this humongous 400+ 2nd volume, so stay tuned for that. There’s still another volume to go, so… Yeah, more misery all around.

TV rec:
I watched the 2 seasons of Utopia this week, and I it was probably one of the best things I’ve seen in years.
I’m not into conspiracy theories (I generally find the groundless, silly and paranoid), which is pretty much what this series is based upon. “What if major things we think we know are false”.
Questions of humanity, of what one person is willing to sacrifice for the benefit of many. Can you sacrifice the life of few for the benefit of many?
What if you had to do it personally?
It’s just brutal and bloody and not at all afraid to push the boundaries until none are left.
I’ll admit, that besides the first episode, the second season faltered somewhat. There was too much of an emotional component suddenly.
Not that the first was devoid of hard decisions and feelings, but it was more sterile in that regard.
Here we’re faced with the people and the consequences of their actions and are left to wonder if they’re misguided or not. I think a 3rd season (or series, as it’s called in the uk, I hear) was planned, but it fell through. Thus, the ending felt somewhat too open. I think it’s all about the journey though, and while it was flawed, it still lingers on my mind.
All of it is accompanied by what I can only describe as insane music. Maybe psychedelic? But I think that’s more techno. Either way, it’s great.
The colors are bright and the music is crazy, so much so that you might wonder if you’re not on something. haha.

Gotta love the Brits.


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  1. personal hello to accompany some scan projects I wonder if you guys can continue the project “delivery cinderella ” which was dropped one after time because the translator disappeared and abandoned everything . then I thought you guys could take it to not leave a good design so forgotten (sorry my bad English ) > . <

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