You’re probably wondering where you have come to?
An innocent looking forum, with a bunch of animals on top…
This is now the HotCakes Scanlations site.
Until something goes wrong and it’s shut down… j/k, j/k I hope. o_O;

Contact luna.solaris99@gmail.com for more info regarding applications, joints and misc’.


You can donate here:



The money will go towards paying for hosting and buying manga.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I’m the scanner of the group Mythos Scans. We’ve been looking for other groups who might be interested in doing a joint project with us to translate Orpheus no Mado by Riyoko Ikeda. Please email me as soon as possible if you are interested at juliadr@sympatico.ca Thank you!

    • Hello!

      Unfortunately, we don’t have an in-house translator, so it wouldn’t be possible.
      Good luck with your search!

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