Decisions, decisions…


All sorts of decisions. Is it worth it? Should I really get this? Do I want to put so much effort into it?
My tongue in her mouth or on her boobs?
Some are easier to make, others have more dire consequences.
Regardless, I always hope I’m doing the right thing, and even if it ends up biting me in the ass – I know it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my¬†own.

And not to bore you any longer with my incoherent thoughts, I give you lunchbox parts 1 and 2!
This is a two part story from the Princess Princess collection by Aoki Mitsue, our joint with Lililicious.
It’s pretty cute, and again deals with an older-younger couple, with all the fun and joy the mangaka is so good at.

Next to come –
The final volume of Kisshou Tennyo is almost ready to be released, thanks to a lot of wonderful people who helped me.
There’s a one volume series we released a while back, and the scans were pretty lousy, being mag scans,
and I really want to give it and the translation justice by redoing the thing completely with bunko scans, instead of just inserting the color pages, as I had initially planned.
This is quite over-due though… =/
If you’re a long-time fan, you probably know what series I’m talking about. If not – it might come as a pleasant surprise and a book to read.
Various chapters and oneshots are also in the oven. Hopefully I’ll get them out on time. ;p

That’s all for today – until next time!


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