Q: What’s this site?
A: HotCakes Scanlations is a manga scanlation site. We don’t limit ourselves to genres, but mostly work on the more obscure titles few people have heard of.
We’re not very popular, lol

Q: Why the name “hotcakes”?
A: It started as a joke, really. Me and some online friends started talking about what I’d name my scanlation group if I ever created one.
I initially called our yaoi-based chat “hotcakes”, and from there, the name HotCakes Scanlations rose. We ended up doing very little yaoi though, haha!

Q: What theme are you using?
A: The theme is called “pachyderm”. Almost all the art (the awesome cat on top and the series icons) are credited to Matte Stephens.

Q: Can I join?
A: Sure thing! We especially need at least one translator. You can work on anything you want and don’t have to work on anything you don’t.
If you want to translate a specific series, let me (NightSwan) know through the recruitment page (that’s connected to my gmail) and I will consider it.
You can apply to any position, but until we get a translator, expect little to no work…

Q: Why is it taking you so long to release a chapter?
A: Well, we’re very low on staff. The only Editor right now is the group leader, NightSwan, so… But hey, at least it’s free!

Q: Why are you making people register? It’s very annoying.
A: A while ago, we as a group decided that it would be best for us to to try and fly as low as possible under the radar with all the copyright laws.
I do promise you though, that registering is the only step you’ll ever have to take in order to get full access to all of our releases both here and on the forum.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
For now, registration is not required to view the site or the forum.

Q: Why don’t I see my comment?
A: Your comment is pending moderation. But don’t be discouraged! All the comments are automatically marked as “pending” until I approve them.
The reason for that is the constant spam attacks this site, and the one before has encountered. This is also the reason why I lost my free hosting – the porn spam I wasn’t able to keep track of.
I still see a lot of spam even despite the plugins, but at least like that, I can prevent it from appearing on the site.

Q: Do you do joints with other groups?
A: Yes! Always! But right now, we can only provide editing and QC.

Q: Why is your online reader not up to date?
A: Yeah, sorry about that… I keep telling myself I have to do it, but I end up not doing it.
Hopefully, one day I will. Or find someone who will… >_>; That’s lack of staff for ya.

Q: What about online hosting sites?
A: NO! If you see an online hosting site that’s hosting our releases, besides Dynasty-Scans (which only hosts our girls’ love titles), it was done so without our approval!
Most hosting sites, like mangafox, are just milking our work to make money. Scanlating is all about fans for fans. Nobody should be making money off these, because nobody’s paying the mangaka!
Help us stop these sites and spam them with hate mail!!!…

Q: Do you accept donations? What are they for?
A: Yes, we do. You can donate via paypal by clicking on the link bellow.
We’ve only been given a donation a couple of times before, so right now we only use the money to pay for hosting this site and the our releases,
which you get instantly and with no ads. The rest comes from Swan’s empty pocket. D:


Thank you.

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