Kisshou Tennyo IS FINALLY DONE! & Gunjo 14

Hello everyone!


Can you believe it? After all these years, I’m happy (but also pretty sad) to present you with the final volume of Kisshou Tennyo by Yoshida Akimi.
It was made possible thanks to Megchan’s (from megchan’s scanlations) help translating the entire volume!
Special thanks goes to SpaceTart from Lililicious for the QC, and Synthie & Al from our group for even more QC.
I really appreciate everyone’s help, and hopefully the original translator, Kololo, would be proud that we got to see this through. :’D

Kisshou Tennyo is definitely what I’d call a suspense manga. It had elements that border on the supernatural and every volume features a gruesome death.
If you’re not into any of those, I’d suggest you read it, too.
I strongly recommend rereading the previous volumes before delving into the last bit of craziness, because it’s been so long.
The main story ends on page 137 and after that, you have about 40 pages of various extras unrelated to Kisshou Tennyo.
The first is about the mangaka’s childhood and some funny details on her teenage years, the others are more poetic and odd. I tried to style each one differently so the mood comes across.
Oh, and don’t think I forgot last post’s promise to release the next chapter of Gunjo.
So here you have it, Gunjo 14 a joint with Megchan’s Scanlations! It features a bunch of impressive double pages, memories, ultra-sadness and a surprise ending…
If you can call severe-depression inducing endings a surprise… >_>;

Thank you for reading, and as always, comments are welcome!


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