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I said I'm not gonna eat him, but what the heck am gonna do to stay alive?

I said I’m not gonna eat him, but what the heck am gonna do to stay alive?

Today we have the 2nd chapter of Juusan yasou Kidan, Wind Singer.
Spider lives a pretty lonely existence, since most other insects prefer to keep their distance (for obvious reasons). One day, a moth larva is caught in his web…

This was made possible thanks to Megchan from Megchan’s Scanlations!
I pretty much lost hope when the original translator bailed on me, but fortunately, there’re more fans of Yoshida Akimi out there! :’D
Check out how handsome Spider is. Nomnom.

My thoughts on this story (spoilers):

Generally speaking, I’m a rather apathetic, cynical person. I can sympathize with other people’s pain, but I don’t usually feel it myself very strongly.
I think I’m jaded. Certain types of misery just stopped affecting me.
Some things however, make me very sad and emotional… like when a friendship/love/affection that grows unexpectedly, so pure and sweet, is cut short by the cruelty that is life…
Once we learn that the little larva is a Luna Moth, we know his days are numbered. After all, their larva stage is around a month, while their moth stage lasts up to a week.
Despite Spider’s obviously longer life and experience, I think he’s been afraid to go out and experience life. Or maybe because he knows he has more time, he prefers to take it easy.
And so, he is unaware how short a Luna Moth’s lifespan is compared to his own, so he encourages the moth to spread his wings and fly, not wanting to weigh him down.
When Moth returns, he is wiser, more experienced but also disillusioned. He knows his time is coming and he wants his last moments to be where he was happiest – together with Spider.
The story as a whole is fast and bittersweet, and really hits you right in the feels. I had a bunch more things to say, but I’m too sad…

Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy this.
I’ll have to slow down with scanlations for a few months, but I’ll still do my best to have something out every now and then.


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