Let’s stroll into the darkness….

just the two of us


Before the releases, some rambling, as per usual –

Well, I quit my crappy job. The freedom is amazing. I’ll try venturing into the freelancing world…so if you need Russian/Hebrew-English translating, or even manga editing, don’t hesitate to PM. >.>;
I also got a new computer. Photoshop sure does like it. And so do I. ;p
Chrome got crazy on me today, so I switched to Opera and had to log-in into all my accounts again. Ugh, don’t you hate that?
Oh, and my birthday was this month. I didn’t do anything special, besides feeling old. Which I’m not, but I feel that I am.
My gift to myself is chapter 1 of Yorukumo (I can never get the title right, for some reason).
I said in an earlier post that I really wanted to work on it. And I managed that, thanks to Hatsumimi from Stiletto Heels and Erin from Lililicious who helped with translating.
I’m really grateful to you girls! <3
I don’t usually work on ongoing manga, mostly because I have no staff (please apply), but Yorukumo was too good to pass over.
It tells the story of Yorukumo, or Night Spider, an assassin who was picked from the deep dark slumps and raised from childhood to feel nothing.
He was taught only killing, nothing else. Not even reading or writing. One day, he meets a girl who works as a cook…
So yeah, there’re romantic elements, but also the struggle to survive under restrictive conditions. Their world is divided, and the rich are on top.
Yeah, just read it. I even got rid of the annoying moire that plagued the pages. :’D
I really want to keep working on it, but I need a translator… This first chapter is a taste. See if you like it, and maybe help me out.

Next is Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi part 5 which concludes volume 2. Joint with Onadoru Euphoria, of course!
This part is about 80 pages long, so enjoy it.
I even uploaded a batch of volume 2. Can you believe it? You can grab the entire volume at once!
We continue with the war, fighting and scheming, as well as some painful memories from Umayado no Ouji, and some longing stares from Emishi.

I could use a proofreader/quality checker, too. But you must be experienced. Oh well, anyways…

Comments are always appreciated, of course. And help is always wanted.
Enjoy the goodies!




2 thoughts on “Let’s stroll into the darkness….

  1. Happy belated birthday. Also thanks for the release I hope to see more stuff from you! Hopefully you get more staff.

  2. It doesn’t matter if it takes time, I am always grateful over every new release. I wish I could help out too but sadly i don’t know Japanese …

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