Little Forest – End

Hello to everyone who still visits this site!

Today, we say goodbye to a project that had way too many hurdles on the way to the finish line – Little Forest.
Igarashi Daisuke’s art truly is amazing and it fits to the mood of the story perfectly.
HotCakes started working on this manga around three years ago, with our 2nd ever, very talented translator ilcap.
We were able to finish only five chapters before life got in the way and he no longer desired to continue translating manga.
Needless to say, I was sad, but what can you do? Time passed and I wasn’t able to find anyone else to help out.
Then, one day, I was approached by illuminati-manga (I’m pretty sure it was GGpX, but it could’ve been Laika – it’s been so long I can’t remember……..)
who asked if I were interested in continuing with this manga. Naturally, I said yes. GGpX even had fresh, HQ raws for it! We decided to release by the volume,
since the chapters are only about ten pages each, and the manga is only two volumes long. It took some time, a lot of frustration over details, with different groups having different standards –
we didn’t always see eye to eye, but in the end, we produced the first full volume.
The 2nd took way longer than necessary, due to life and whatnot. Well, you know how it goes. But we were much more organized this time!

Don’t forget to go over illuminati’s site and wish GGpX a happy birthday!

All in all, even though it took so long, better late than never, eh? :3
Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have!

Coming soon is the last volume of Kisshou Tennyo.
The translating and cleaning is done, and the main story as well.
All I need to do is typeset the final side-stories!

We still need help, of course.
I have updated our Recruitment page and added a FAQ page, so you can check ’em out~

And that is all for today. =)

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Thank you.

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