Mini Oktoberfest


I had no interesting title this time, so this is what I came up with. >.>;
Not a real “fest”, since we only have 2 chapters for you. Some of the other stuff is being delayed a bit, but there’s more to come!!! In the near future!!! I hope!!!

So anyways, today we have a GL oneshot from the author of Tomoi, Akisato Wakuni called The Tenth Ten Commandments. Weird title, to go with the slightly odd characters.
It’s a pretty common type of story but with an interesting twist. The not so perfect, but will do, sort of arrangement.
I really enjoy this mangaka~
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For our 2nd release, we have Patalliro volume 14, chapter 51! Joint with Onadoru Euphoria!
It’s a pretty long chapter in which we finally discover who the culprit from the previous volume is. : D

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