Genre: Seinen, Slice of Life
Author: Iwaoka Hisae
Number of Volumes: 1 Volume (Complete)
Year: 2009
Language: Japanese

Associated Names
Cat Road

Almost 20 short stories about male cats, female cats, kittens and the people living among them.
[Translated from Sad-Robot]

Note: “Nekomichi” will be translated from the Russian scanlations released by Sad Robot.
HotCakes is not taking this as an official project and all further releases will depend on the group’s progress.

Note 2: The cat’s original name is “Taitsu” (tights in Japanese), but we have decided we’ll call him “Stockings”.
Mostly because it sounds cuter and not as weird…

Note 3: Chapters 3 and onward are a joint between us and The End.

Project Status: Complete

Chapter 1: MF
Chapter 2: MF
Chapter 3: MF
Chapter 4: MF
Chapter 5: MF
Chapter 6: MF
Chapter 7: MF
Chapter 8: MF
Chapter 9: MF
Chapter 10: MF
Chapter 11: MF
Chapter 12: MF
13-17+ 3 extra stories (End): MF *new*

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