Yoshihara Yuki Oneshots

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Matamata Oboretai

Summary:  Various oneshots from the mangaka.
Note: We initially thought that we were working on oneshots from “matamata oboretai”, but it turns out we were in fact doing “oboretai”.
I think. It’s all very confusing. Either way, here’s what we’ve done~

After Black Tea: MF
Shinobi Yoru Koi Hakuse Mono:
Sakura-Hime Yume Rondo: MF (joint with A Willful Muse)
Pink Marriage: MF *new* (joint with Decadence)
Exrea v1: MF *new* (joint with Decadence)
Exrea v2: MF *new* (joint with Decadence)


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