We are recruiting for J-E translators, QCers and raw providers/scanners only at this point.
Note: You can apply as editor or proofreader, but expect very little work until we find a translator.

Translators (no experience necessary):

You must be fluent in Japanese, and be able to read kanji without furigana, since most of our projects have none.

You also need to have a good understanding of Japanese culture and the way it affects the language particulars depending on the situation, context and age/relationships of the characters.

I have no strict deadlines, and I am willing to give you time.

Your work is to translate the text, and the SFXs as well.
Note how much free time you have on your hands, so I’d know how much work I can give you.

Editors (experienced only):

You clean the raws (crop, rotate and level if necessary) and typeset the English text.
We will consider applicants who only want to clean or typeset.
We never remove the sound effects, but you are required to put their translation next to them in a fitting font.

Quality Checker: 

You go over the final PNG version and point out any mistakes/missing text/lack of fluency/random dirty and upload a separate text document with your fixes and suggestions
(you don’t actually have to fix anything yourself).


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