December Releases~

Hello everyone!


I like December. New year’s, birthdays (not mine, mind you), various festive foods, there’s even a book I really like called “December Dreams”.
Starting a new year though, isn’t always that merry for me…
Despite it being a rather arbitrary measurement of time and years, entering a new one usually makes me reflect on the things
I haven’t done in the year prior and that I’m probably not going to do in the next one. So, yeah. January can stuff it. xD…
Oh well. Enough of my useless rambling~
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Saboten (SOURYO Fuyumi)


Genre: Shoujo, Drama, Romance, School Life
Author: Souryo Fuyumi
Number of Volumes:
Year: 1994
Language: Japanese

Associated Names
惣領冬実傑作集 サボテン

Cactus, Pecan Pie & Lunar Eclipse: Yukio has no principles, nor does he have any special goals in life. Hannah has a too demanding mother and not a drop of talent.
They’re both “strange”. They live, separated by their own little worlds, until their meeting starts changing them both. (summary from tltorrent.ru/)
Ageha, the group who has translated these oneshots into Russian is unfortunately no longer active.
Hence, I will only work on the first three oneshots from the collection. They form a single story.

Project Status: Ongoing
Cactus: MF
Pecan Pie: MF
Lunar Eclipse: MF