Procrastination – Away With You!


Hello everyone!

This is not a release post (I’m tapped out at the moment). I can’t believe it, but we’re actually going to release another (albeit tiny) oneshot with lililicious!
This time it’s a oneshot called Hiiragi’s English-Japanese Dictionary, a 6 page gag about what we consider normal and abnormal. It’s very enjoyable and to the point, so I suggest reading it.
I’m dumbstruck, tbh. I went from 0 to 100 just like that, basically. Hehe.
So anyways, I decided to incorporate this release (which came just 2 days after I made this post) because I want to attract some attention to the fact that we now have an online reader.

The original post:
Since this has been a very productive month releases-wise, I decided to go ahead and finally update our online reader.
It has taken me the entire day, but no more is the reader a desolate, empty shell with a few random chapters, but a complete library of our releases!
While I was at it, I reread Nekomichi – the perfect pick-me-up. Unfortunately, I spotted a bunch of atrocious grammatical errors and fluency issues, so I think I’ll have to fix those sometime in the future.

Hopefully nothing will happen to the reader, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it all again…

On the to do list for the site:

  • Fix Nekomichi
  • Update cover images
  • Add online reader links next to the dl links in the series’ pages.
  • Bonus: Find a translator. *Heh, if only.


Please consider donating to cover the server costs.



Anniversary Releases…….!!!!


Hello, everyone!

Today we have anniversary releases for you, and right on time, for once!
Our first releases was on 04/03/09. I sure can’t believe I’ve been doing this for five years now… It’s pretty amazing to even think about.
This year has had its ups and downs for our little group. We’re semi-inactive at this point, with some of the girls pitching in with QCing.
Despite not having a translator, I’m collaborating with other groups like Lililicious, Onadoru-Euphoria, Megchan, Stiletto-Heels and illuminati-manga.
I’ve met some really great people in those groups. Special thanks goes to Erin, who’s helped me finish Copernicus at last!
And to megchan, who’s translating the final volume of Kisshou Tennyo for us! I hope to release the complete volume in a couple of months.
My gratitude goes to everyone I’ve worked with, currently and in the past.
And the readers too, of course, who still visit this site and even leave comments!
I appreciate your help and hope to continue scanlating in the future as well.
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End of the Year Releases~


Why hallo there!

I didn’t think we’d make it this year, but we did and we even have a new Yoshida Akimi oneshot to share~!!
But before that, let me thank all the people who have helped HotCakes this year. The wonderful groups we’ve worked with and the staffers who’ve stuck by through thick and thin.
Unfortunately, things are still pretty grim for us. We are again left with no translator and this means all independent projects are still on hold.
Please, if you’re fluent in Japanese and English do consider joining us or even freelancing for a couple of stories/oneshots.
All I want is to share forgotten gems with you guys! Yoshida Akimi and Ooshima Yumiko have become absolute favorites of mine and it saddens me to see how little regard they get.

All in all, the years pass by so fast . Let’s raise a glass and a release for more to come!
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Once, twice, three times…


Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while again, but life is a bitch sometimes. I lost someone very dear to me and I was having a very hard time dealing with that.
To be honest, I didn’t even see a point in continuing scanlating… But I’m grateful to all the people I’m working with for being so patient with me while I did some soul searching.
I don’t usually talk about my personal affairs, mostly because I don’t think the internet is the best place to do so, but also due to the fact that my life isn’t especially interesting. I work, I study, my income is quite low and I my free time is scarce. Reading manga used to fill quite a lot of my life, but that changed and now I mainly read what I scanlate and follow authors I like.
Life isn’t easy, but we aren’t all fortunate enough to be born into money~  Oh well… Continue reading


Little Forest v1

Another release, you ask?
Why, yes! Today’s treat is the complete first volume of Little Forest!
This time around, our join with illuminati-manga went a bit smoother, since Kotonoha didn’t want it.
Yes, you guys get scraps. Happy? ‘Cause I am. ;p

And this is pretty much it, I guess…
We could really use the help of someone who knows their wordpress to help me with this site because I can’t, for the life of me resolve the projects section thing.
Also, we need a translator. We need you yesterday, buddy! Please, grace us with your presence and I will throw rose (or any other kind of flower) at your feet.
I’m so lonely… =(


Oh well, have a good one!


Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi v1 end.



Our sole release for today is Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi, joint with Onadoru Euphoria.

I’d have liked to redirect you to the projects page, but the damn thumbnails are depressing me, so here’s a direct link. Here’s a link to the forums.
If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please tell me… The plugin’s called wp-manga and is quite neat, but unfortunately it’s not working for me and the only way to reach tech-support is via iRC which I can’t use.

Anyways… Some status update:

For all Little Forest fans, volume 1 should be out soon, as a joint with Illuminati-manga. Yay for HQ raws and willing translators~
Another project I’m planning on working together with Onaduro Euphoria is Patalliro!, picking up from around volume 13.

Again, as always, I beg for J-E translators. Just one to help me give closure to some ongoing projects of ours and hopefully some new ones by authors such as Yoshida Akimi,  Ooshima Yumiko and Nakamira Asumiko. Please apply!

Thanks, and have a good day.