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Hello everyone!

Contact, finally!

Contact, finally!

Today we have the final part of volume 3 of Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi!  Joint with Onadoru Euphoria.
In which Emishi proves once again that he has eyes for no one besides Umayado, whom everyone wants to bed.
We have some cross-dressing action, and more scheming
Plus, Emishi and Dad talk about hooking.

I slept only three hours tonight, so my brain isn’t working. I almost forgot to post this, too.
Good thing I scribbled down some notes about this part (which is almost 120 pages long) while I was working on it,
because otherwise you’d have a title that said “a crapload of pages” and a very empty release post.
Not that anyone reads those, so… Whatever.

I recently started using Twitter for my personal use, to follow a few people.
Having fun following one guy in particular. My motives are not pure, not unlike himself. ufufufufufu.
If you can guess who it is, I will grant you a reasonable favor that is in my means to accomplish. Clues: British, gay & aviator sunglasses.
Oh, so I thought I’d plug the official HotCakes twitter here, which I announce updates on, too.

Well, this has gotten longer than I had anticipated.
Be on the lookout for more lovely series!




The Return of The Not So Peaceful Buddhists



Hello everyone!
This was unexpected to me as well, but I somehow managed to typeset this entire part in one day. Go figure. I’m usually pretty lazy.

You know, I always thought Buddhism was all about peace. I considered to be the only religion that promoted any type of peace, instead of hate.
I don’t know any Buddhists personally, but from the little exposure I’ve had to it, Buddhism appeared to be quite passive and a truly peaceful teaching.
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Once, twice, three times…


Hey guys!

I know it’s been a while again, but life is a bitch sometimes. I lost someone very dear to me and I was having a very hard time dealing with that.
To be honest, I didn’t even see a point in continuing scanlating… But I’m grateful to all the people I’m working with for being so patient with me while I did some soul searching.
I don’t usually talk about my personal affairs, mostly because I don’t think the internet is the best place to do so, but also due to the fact that my life isn’t especially interesting. I work, I study, my income is quite low and I my free time is scarce. Reading manga used to fill quite a lot of my life, but that changed and now I mainly read what I scanlate and follow authors I like.
Life isn’t easy, but we aren’t all fortunate enough to be born into money~  Oh well… Continue reading


Hi izuru tokoro no tenshi v1 end.



Our sole release for today is Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi, joint with Onadoru Euphoria.

I’d have liked to redirect you to the projects page, but the damn thumbnails are depressing me, so here’s a direct link. Here’s a link to the forums.
If anyone knows how to fix this issue, please tell me… The plugin’s called wp-manga and is quite neat, but unfortunately it’s not working for me and the only way to reach tech-support is via iRC which I can’t use.

Anyways… Some status update:

For all Little Forest fans, volume 1 should be out soon, as a joint with Illuminati-manga. Yay for HQ raws and willing translators~
Another project I’m planning on working together with Onaduro Euphoria is Patalliro!, picking up from around volume 13.

Again, as always, I beg for J-E translators. Just one to help me give closure to some ongoing projects of ours and hopefully some new ones by authors such as Yoshida Akimi,  Ooshima Yumiko and Nakamira Asumiko. Please apply!

Thanks, and have a good day.



First Release Post in the New Site~!



Since I have a release ready for you guys, I thought I’d use this opportunity in order to make a first release post on this site.
I’d like to hear what people think about it and if you think we should use a site for our announcements and releases. Now the posts will have tags and all~
Thing is, my agreement with my teammates was that we have a registration-based place where people are required to sign in to get access to the releases, in order to protect our butts a little better.
The problem being is that I don’t know how to do this with WordPress, and if it’s even possible with a free version like I’m using.
Any thoughts and advice are welcome! If you have suggestions on improving the site – I’m all ears. I’m thinking of making a separate page for every project for less clutter.

So, without further ado, our lone release today is part 4 of Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi. The plot thickens!
This is a joint project with Onadoru Euphoria.

As always, we really, really, REALLY need a J-E translator for all kinds of interesting projects.
There are no deadlines, you’re free to work at your own pace (but everything must be translated, SFX, too), you don’t have to work on anything you don’t find interesting and basically, you’ll have my love forever.
I’m open to joints on pretty much all ongoing projects since I have no translators for them, but I’d really like to continue editing them till the end.

Thanks for your support!