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Hello everyone!

I said I'm not gonna eat him, but what the heck am gonna do to stay alive?

I said I’m not gonna eat him, but what the heck am gonna do to stay alive?

Today we have the 2nd chapter of Juusan yasou Kidan, Wind Singer.
Spider lives a pretty lonely existence, since most other insects prefer to keep their distance (for obvious reasons). One day, a moth larva is caught in his web…

This was made possible thanks to Megchan from Megchan’s Scanlations!
I pretty much lost hope when the original translator bailed on me, but fortunately, there’re more fans of Yoshida Akimi out there! :’D
Check out how handsome Spider is. Nomnom.
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End of the Year Releases~


Why hallo there!

I didn’t think we’d make it this year, but we did and we even have a new Yoshida Akimi oneshot to share~!!
But before that, let me thank all the people who have helped HotCakes this year. The wonderful groups we’ve worked with and the staffers who’ve stuck by through thick and thin.
Unfortunately, things are still pretty grim for us. We are again left with no translator and this means all independent projects are still on hold.
Please, if you’re fluent in Japanese and English do consider joining us or even freelancing for a couple of stories/oneshots.
All I want is to share forgotten gems with you guys! Yoshida Akimi and Ooshima Yumiko have become absolute favorites of mine and it saddens me to see how little regard they get.

All in all, the years pass by so fast . Let’s raise a glass and a release for more to come!
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