The Moon That Shines Upon Us All

Hello everyone!


We're so happy right now, so keep reading.

We’re so happy right now, so keep reading.

Today we have the oneshot Half Moon, Ephemeral and Eternal from the collection Aqua Plane, by Kurokiri Misao.
Joint with lililicious!

It’s a pretty sad, yet realistic tale of love and loss and how relationships don’t always last.
So if you’re in the mood for something a bit sad right after our previous, tragic release of Gunjo… ;p

I’ve been pretty busy with work lately, so I haven’t had time to have much done.
But worry not! Many hotcakes (releases) of all shapes and sizes are in the oven (I know you make hotcakes on the stove, but this kinda kills the analogy).
I don’t know if anyone reads what I write, besides clicking on the releases (because tbh, it’s not like I have many interesting things to tell), and it’s not like we release popular stuff that attract the crowds.
And I’ve been slacking in updating the reader, too. I know, I know, I suck at running this one-person group. Le sigh.

But anyways, I dunno if I’ve spoken about it, but right now, I typeset manga (that’s digitally released) for a living.
It doesn’t pay much, but it allows me to work from home and put the skills I’ve developed over the years (which I thought wouldn’t help me much in life) to good use.
Most of the manga I do is shoujo smut, which I personally do NOT enjoy. Some stories are better than others, some suck (both literally and figuratively), but some are actually really interesting.
I even get to do BL from time to time, and most of those stories are pretty good. I’d have read them myself, had they been scanlated.
So I was thinking I could write about the stories I work on, if anyone shows interest…

But anyways, thank you for being patient.

Future releases will include:
Gunjo  ch16
Hi Izuru Tokoro no Tenshi (the rest of the volume)
Nishioka Kyoudai – an entire volume of oneshots
More GL oneshots with lililicious
And a new joint with Futari wa Pretty Anon on Aqua Planet Chronicle.

So stay tuned!


9 thoughts on “The Moon That Shines Upon Us All

  1. Gaaah…
    I wish I would have read your post before I read the chapter. I’d have given it a miss, now I’ll feel dejected all day.
    What’s with all the horribly depressing yuri everyone is doing lately? It’s all so maudlin, does nobody like happy anymore?

      • Thank you, and everyone for the comments!
        Haha, I know it’s always a slim chance people will read my ramblings, but oh well.

        As for everyone releasing sad GL, I can’t begin to imagine.
        Myself, I’ve recently read a bunch of very dark, sad BL stories and it kinda killed me inside for a few weeks. >_>;
        So yeah, you’re not alone. We really need more feel-good GL, but I guess it has less of an impact on people.
        Unfortunately, our next GL will also be pretty sad………….

    • Nuuu! xD
      I think you should be able to change it though.

      Oh, that’s so cool!
      The final part of the 3rd volume is about 120 pages long, so it’s still in QC. Hopefully we’ll get it out soon. =)

  2. Thank you very much for your work! Even though the story was sad i enjoyed to read it !
    And I like reading your “ramblings”, just you know XD

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