When You See a Tiger in the Snow…


Gunjo_V2_086sma…is what I think when I read Nakamura Ching’s Gunjo.

I’m not sure how grounded in reality it is, since I don’t know much about tigers or their habitats, but in certain parts of the world, like mine, or that in which The Tiger and the Snow takes place, seeing a tiger, much less covered in snow (as it doesn’t snow and there are no tigers) is such an implausible event, that saying “when you see a tiger in the snow” is like saying “never”.
It’s not often that you see such despair in literature. Such despair that transfers from the pages right into your consciousness and you feel it together.
At its happiest, especially in flashbacks, you forget what they have done. You forget because you want to forget, because you need to forget or how else can you live on? Read on?
At its lowest, most depressing, the pit is so dark and so deep you can’t even image what happiness looks like… It’s impossible to grasp that there ever was such a thing.
After a while, you start thinking; will there ever be a happy ending? Is it possible?
I haven’t seen the raws yet, but I think not.

^This is me trying to make a fancy release post like some other groups do.
That stuff I do feel, but don’t usually put into semi-philosophical musings and share with release posts. Oh well, I tried.

And on that note, let’s move on to the announcements part~
Yeah, we’re still alive (just barely).
I saw an opportunity to work on Gunjo with the project’s original translator (megchan scanlations), so I did.
The first Gunjo chapter we’re releasing together is chapter 12 (the 2nd in the 2nd volume).
You can also download volume 1 and chapter 11 on the project’s page.

And that’s it for today.
I know it’s been a while, but I promise more things are coming.
There are two projects I’m very close to completing, so despite the long wait, you’ll have 2 volumes worth and triple than that to reread.

I’m not sure how many people visit this site or remember this group, especially when it’s not that easy to find or even to access, but to those who do – thank you very much!
I still need staff. If you want to help out, or know someone who does, please message me!

Until next time!



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